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Summer Discovery Camp

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The day after school closes for the summer until the day before the new school year begins again, the Hamlin Recreation Department offers its new Summer Discovery Camp to children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade.
Free from academic demands, in the summer kids learn in different ways. We’ll focus on their curiosity and their limitless imagination to help them create their own play space for the summer.  There will also be time for traditional activities such as arts & crafts, field games, and geocaching. Our collaboration with Black Swan Outdoors will teach kids about outdoor sportsmanship, environmental stewardship and they will learn to fish! 2 field trips a week will help kids discover the fun and wonders in our region. The children will be involved in library projects, and every Friday, we’ll be going to swim and have a picnic at Hamlin Beach State Park where swimming lessons may be available.
Join us again this summer for Hamlin Recreation’s Discovery Camp! 
It’s going to be a blast!

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Days usually begin at 6:00am and end at 6:00pm.
Breakfast and PM snack are included in all registration packages. Campers must bring their own lunch and be equipped daily with a towel, swimsuit, their choice of sunscreen, a sun cap or visor, and spare shoes/sandals.
Rates - Beach trips are included in price, but other field trips are charged extra and field trip fees are added automatically to the daily fee in the registration system. Campers are required to purchase a T-shirt which must be worn on alloff-site field trips.
 $30.00 per day    (no more early drop and late pick-up fees!)

Weekly $125 per week
Monthly: $520 per month 
             (Month #1: 6/25-7/31 & Month #2: 8/3 - 9/4)

All summer: $950 (from the day after school ends until the day before Labor Day weekend = 10+ weeks)
Note: there are no 1/2 day rates.
Family Discounts- When 2 siblings are registered at the same time the 2nd child pays 50% less. 3 siblings registered at the same time; you will only pay for 2!

Financial Assistance Available – Please call or email the office and request a Financial Aid Application.
Camp Requirements
Parents are required to pack these items with their children every day:
  • Water bottle
  • Sneakers or closed toe shoes (in addition to flip-flops or sandals)
  • Lunch
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing suit & towel
A Typical Day at Discovery Camp (with no field trip)
Drop-off to 9:00 am; free choice, games, and socializing
9:00 - 9:30 am; breakfast (included registration fee)
9:30 - noon ; programmed activities (fort building, stations in the park such as archery, tennis, kickball, ga-ga ball), crafts, guest presentations such as science experiments or geocaching, trips to the library, water games on the lawn, team sports, drama or gymnastics camp, etc, etc, etc...
noon - 12:30pm: lunch break (children must bring their own lunches*)
12:30 - 1:00 pm: reading or quiet time
1:00 - 3:00 pm: programmed activities
3:00 - 3:30 pm: afternoon snack (included in registration fee)
3:30 - Pick-up: free choice, games, and socializing
*Due to time limitations, we ask that parents do not pack lunch items that require any preparation by staff including microwave cooking.  Thank you!
One day a week is designated to off-site field trips using the Brockport School system buses for transportation. Bus schedules are listed below. Every Friday is beach day (weather permitting) and the whole camp goes to Hamlin Beach State Park for swimming instruction and free swim time. Lunches are eaten at the park.
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Friday is Beach Day at Discovery Camp!
The same rules that apply to schools, also apply to camps. 24 hours  of clearance time must be given after a fever breaks before a child can be sent back to Camp. Camp isn't fun for a sick child who will be quarantined to the best of our abilities until a parent can pick them up. We are mandated to keep the risk of contagion to a minimum as well as keep the child as comfortable as possible while also being supervised. If a parent gets called because their child is sick they must pick them up immediately. No refund can be given for the day lost. A doctor's note must be provided for any days missed due to illness, in order for a refund or user credit to be given*.
*Daily refunds incurred through illness are redeemable in the form of User Credit only for Daily and Weekly registrations.
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Electronics including cell phones are not allowed at camp.  If brought to camp, they will be kept in a locked area until the end of the day.  This also helps avoid lost and stolen items.  The Hamlin Recreation Department will not be responsible for electronics brought to camp.
Camp Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Regular camp hours are 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.  Early drop-off and/or late pick-up is available only with advance notice and an additional fee.
Parents are asked to bring their child into the lodge and sign them in and out.
Parents are required to complete an “Authorized Pick-Up Form” which details who is authorized to pick up their child.  Only persons listed on this form will be allowed to take the child at the end of the camp day.  We check identification to assure that campers are picked up by the appropriate adult.

Emergency Contacts
Parents will be asked to provide contacts to be called in the event there is an emergency.  Please remember to continue to update this information as needed.
Camp-to-Parent Communication
For minor injuries, behavior issues, and other important information we have Staff-To Parent communication sheets that are given at the end of the camp day.  Staff will, of course, contact parents immediately in significant situations.
  1. Respect everyone and everything. Remember the words we have all been taught: “Treat people how you wanted to be treated!”
  2. Let an adult know whenever you need to leave an area or need help with anything – use of bathrooms, get a drink, etc.
  3. During the first week the campers will be coming up with their own rules. These rules will be posted at camp and all campers will be expected to follow them.
We focus on positive behaviors to promote a positive environment at camp. Communications may be necessary about behavior issues, however campers will be recognized and rewarded for positive behavior.
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Week 1 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 2 – TBD 
Departs: Returns:
Week 3 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 4 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 5 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 6 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 7 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 8 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 
Week 9 - TBD 
Departs: Returns:   
Week 10 – TBD
Departs: Returns: 

EVERY Friday: Beach fun at Hamlin Beach State Park
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  1. We accept payments from OCFS. The Office of Children and Family Services is a separate entity and applications for assistance must be made directly through OCFS, listing us as child care providers.
  2. We can offer the following discounts:
     - Register 2 siblings at the same time; get a 50% discount on the second child. *
     - Register 3 siblings at the same time; 3rd child attends free. *
    *To qualify for these discounts, children must be registered for the same program sessions at the same time.
  3. We can also offer 25% or 50% discounts based on need (please ask us for an application), expected participation time, and availability.