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Before & After School Program

This fully licensed program is held in the Lion Charlie Maier Lodge located on the Hamlin Town Hall grounds with its entrance at 2806 Roosevelt Highway.
Only the Brockport School District currently offers bus service to our location.


Monday – Friday
Mornings: 6:00am until school bus pick-up
Afternoons: school bus drop-off until 6:00pm*

Every day our programs are filled with games, activities, and fun crafts. The library and playground are close by and we often utilize visits to enrich the activities for the children. It goes without saying that we have a whole park full of fields for the children to safely run and play on. Experienced staff supervise your children and can sometimes help with homework. Please do not hesitate to discuss pertinent health or family issues with our staff to ensure that your child's stay with us is enjoyable and safe.

Morning sessions include breakfast, while afternoon session include an afternoon snack. We pride ourselves in serving healthy meals which include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and low sugar content. We cook and bake as much as we can ourselves to insure the quality of our ingredients and we try to take time with the children to teach them about nutrition whenever we can.
All of our staff is food safety trained and certified. Our kitchen is in possession of an annual permit issued by the Monroe County Department of Health.
cooking 01
Please dress for the weather every day as we like to take the children outside as often as possible. We highly encourage that a spare pair of shoes is left in our facility for your children. In the winter it will enable them to take off their warm (and usually wet) winter boots to be able to play inside more comfortably, and in the spring when the route to the playground is often muddy, they will have something to change into that will keep the facility clean and free of mud.

(including winter, spring, and holiday breaks)
6:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

*Due to classes or programs being offered in the same facility after 6:00pm, it is imperative that children are picked up NO LATER than 6:00pm. A $1.00 per minute late fee is calculated for pick-ups after 6:00pm.

**When registering day or week of attendance, please note that daily maximum registration quota may have already been reached.

The same rules that apply to schools, also apply to child care facilities; 24 hours  of clearance time must be given after a fever breaks before a child can be sent back to child care. As nice as our facility is, it isn't fun for a sick child who will be quarantined to the best of our abilities until a parent can pick them up. We are mandated to keep the risk of contagion to a minimum as well as keep the child as comfortable as possible while also being supervised. If a parent gets called because their child is sick they must pick them up immediately. No refund can be given for the day lost. A doctor's note must be provided for any days missed due to illness in order for a refund (or user credit) to be given.

You will be required to send us the immunization record of your child, as well as a filled in copy of the Authorized Pick-Up form. Please be prepared that staff may ask for ID if you are not yet familiar to them.

Sometimes things happen, we realize this and understand. Because regulations require that children be registered at all times while attending a child care program we can help solve last minute drop-off in two ways:

1) We have an emergency registration sheet (used on Snow Days) that after being filled out and signed by the parent or guardian, authorizes us to register your child on a "Pay Later" basis. You will have up to one week to pay for this unexpected occurrence, or, if funds are available as User Credit, these would then be applied to the period or session your child needs to be in our care.
Future registration will then be pending upon prompt  payment if there is no User Credit available.
PLEASE NOTE: Last minute registration can only take place if the amount of staff and children are within the mandated adult/child ratio!

2) If the bus makes a mistake and brings your child to our program, we are required to register him/her and you will be charged. Your account will reflect the amount due on a "Pay later" basis. If User Credit is available, these will be applied towards that fee. If there is no User Credit, you will have one week to pay for this unexpected occurrence. Future registration will then be pending upon prompt  payment (usually within a week).
PLEASE NOTE: It is important you communicate with the Brockport Bus Garage the proper schedule for your child's attendance in our program in a timely manner.